Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment

Frustrated with excess hair loss? Here is the list of things we are going to note down for all of you wanting to know, how can you fix your hair loss.

1. Nutrition

2. Shampoo

3. Laser Light Therapy

4. Hair Replacement Surgery

1. Nutrition:

5 foods to prevent hair loss:

  1. Eggs

It makes sense to consume protein-based foods because our hair is primarily made up of proteins, which will also improve the quality of the hair. However, that doesn’t mean that you eat steak every day. When we say high protein foods, we don’t mean high-fat proteins that don’t prevent hair loss. Men should have approximately 50 grams of leaner proteins every day that includes a diet of fish, eggs, chicken, soy-based products, yogurt, beans and almonds.

  1. Bean sprouts

Bean sprouts contain an important nutrient called silica that contributes significantly in preventing hair loss. Silica helps in absorbing vitamins and minerals, so unless your diet has silica in it, eating your vitamins won’t be of any use. Hair grows from follicles within the skin at the base of the hair root and that needs silica too to form new cells and regenerate healthy hair. Get you dose of silica from bean sprouts, cucumbers and red and green peppers.

3. Carrots

An adequate intake of vitamin A is the key to helping promote the growth of cells of the scalp. It’s not just the eyes – but vitamin A-rich carrots provide excellent nourishment for the scalp. This in turn will ensure shiny, well-conditioned hair growth. An overall balanced diet of proteins, fruits, and vegetables, whole grains, green peas, Indian salmon and low-fat dairy are great boosters for healthy hair.

  1. Sea food.

Many men who suffer from hair loss have been found to have zinc deficiencies and zinc is found in abundance in sea food, which is why it’s essential to include seafood in your diet. Fish contains sulphur and provides essential fatty acids necessary for the maintenance of healthy hair. Zinc-rich foods such as mussels, shrimp and oysters can help prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles.

  1. Dates and Raisins

Iron plays an important role in manufacturing haemoglobin and when that is at a healthy level, oxygen is properly dispersed to your entire body, including your scalp. This will promote and stimulate hair growth. Whenever you’re craving for something sweet, dried fruits and nuts like dates and raisins are a healthy alternative. Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron, so fruits such as oranges, strawberries and lemon should also be consumed to prevent hair loss.

List of 5 fruits good for hair:

  1. Banana

Banana is a potassium loaded fruit along with the rich amounts of vitamin B, fiber, magnesium, pectin, fiber and some other minerals that are necessary for the overall health of the hair. This fruit helps to maintain the thickness of the hair and helps in preventing the hair fall.

  1. Amla or indian gooseberry

Aloe vera for hair

Indian gooseberry is a wonderful fruit that helps preventing the problem of hair fall for a long time. Our grand mothers have been using these remedies to stay away from such issues. You have to take Amla and make pieces of it. Dry them and crush to make powder. Now combine this with coconut oil and apply in your hair roots to stay away from hair fall.

  1. Lemon

Lemon is a fruit that is not having one but several benefits for every individual. Sometimes dandruff is a reason for making your scalp dry and hair root feeble. This gives rise to the problem of hair fall. But lemon is such a fruit that remove dandruff from your scalp. Apply it before going to bath and wash with mild shampoo.

  1. Berries

You must have consumed much variety of berries from the fruit outlet. Now, you will be surprised to learn that even this can help in making your root strong and remove the problem of hair fall completely. This fruit is really rich in bio flavonoids. It will easily help you stay away from the problem of hair fall.

  1. Guava

Best hair oils to control hair fall

Another Indian fruit with the goodness of eradicating hair fall problem is guava. This will not only stop hair fall but also helps providing wonderful growth of hair.  This also helps removing dandruff from your scalp and makes your scalp free from it.

The pollution in the environment, the usage of chemical based products and exposing the hair for heat-blow dryers makes the condition worse. So, along with taking rich amounts of fruits taking care about the hair helps a lot.


The organic shampoos are very effective in reducing hair loss completely without any side effects. It is true that organic shampoos might not give you the results instantly but it will be effective from the root when you are using it regularly. The name given to the science of life is none other than Ayurveda.  It is the native to traditional medicine that has its base in Indian subcontinent. Apart from allopathic medicine, this is also one of the well known ayurvedic medicines.

Herbal remedies being free from side effects are also very well known for its effectiveness. But, you cannot expect the result in just two or three session. Rather, you need to apply it regularly to get the best result.  Though the herbs are very effective, people lack patience and move on to the synthetic variety of products in order to get instant results. But, instant result is not always good for health. Let us have a look at some natural shampoo available in Indian market that controls hair fall

Laser Hair Therapy:

Laser hair therapy is definitely one of the most popular conventional methods to regrow hair. Lasers are often used to remove hair, but high level lasers are used to get rid of unwanted hair follicles. In order for hair growth to be stimulated low level lasers will need to be used because they don’t release heat and won’t damage your hair.

How it Works:

It’s believed that low level laser therapy will work better at promoting new growth in areas where you still have some hair left compared to growing new hair in areas that are totally bald. Once the balding area has been exposed to the laser light it stimulates growth by increasing both blood circulation and oxygen. Don’t expect to see immediate results after a few laser hair therapy treatments, as it can take up to a whole year to begin seeing new growth if any.

Hair Replacement Surgery:

You don’t have to be embarrassed though. At least 70% of men (and around 50% of women!) will lose their hair to some degree. Most of them will feel like there are no solutions and they have no other choice than to accept their fate and live with it.

Fortunately, the answer is no! You don’t have to live without hair if you don’t want to. Hair replacement surgery can restore the hair on your head. We at ROOTS CLINIC  are using state-of-the-art methods that provide natural-looking, permanent results.