Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation surgery is the leading and most demanding technique for hair restoration. Hair transplantation surgeries have long been serving people and offering men and women to have hair follicles transplanted into their scalp. Hair transplant is great way to boost confidence by restoring lost hair back. Unfortunately, if you are also suffering from severe hair loss problem and thinking of having hair transplantation surgery that you might want to know about hair transplantation surgery.

Below are top things you need to know about hair transplantation before experiencing it.

Who can go in for a hair transplant?

People who have

– Genetic Loss of hair

– Loss of hair in patches

– Loss of hair due to Trauma

– Hairless scars in hair bearing areas

– Absence of beard and moustache since birth

Who should not go for a hair transplant?

Individuals having systemic disorders like liver dysfunction, Uncontrolled diabetes etc. Your doctor is the best person to judge who can and who shouldn’t undergo a hair transplant.

Things to consider before the procedure:

Certain aspects need to be looked upon before considering a hair restoration surgery. They are:

– Routine blood test

– Allergy test

– Liver function tests

– Donor hair area needs to be examined

– Alcohol, smoking or tobacco has to be discontinued one week prior to the procedure and until three weeks after.

– Exercise should be discontinued until three weeks after the procedure.

The doctors trained to do such transplant surgery have undergone extensive training to attain their skills. So go ahead, a head full of hair is beautiful, needed for its role and certainly makes you look younger. Don’t ignore the receding hairline; visit your doctor sooner than later.